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Nov 27, 2010 10:10 AM


I found a old recipe of my mothers and it called for gherkins. I'm not sure what kind of pickles they are.

I have Claussen dills and bread and butter pickles. I also have cornichons. Would any of these work as a substitution?

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    1. re: chefj

      Hi, This is a canape (I think thats the term I want) - probably from the 1950's. It is spread on crackers. It calls for tuna, olives, gherkins, mushrooms, and a tomato sauce. She mad a note that it should not be a bitter tomato sauce. Being from Pennsylvania in the 1950'a, I am presuming canned mushrooms. She put this on (or next to) her antipasto platter.

    2. In the UK, gherkins and cornichons are pretty much the same beast. The latter smaller than the former. Should be fine.

      1. According to Barron's "The New Food Lover's Companion" a cornichon is the french version of a gherkin. In my experience, gherkins are typically sweet.

        That said, in France, I've been served cornichons on a few occasions that were slightly sour and pickled w tarragon.

        1. Gherkins are small sweet pickles...I use them in potato or egg salad or chicken/turkey salad & I sub pickle relish when I don't have them. Cornichons are not quite the same & dill or bread & butter pickles are not suitable substitutions. It would help to know what kind of dish the recipe is for.

          1. Cornichons are the closer, although not the same; sweet relish is the same thing as gherkins if your recipe calls for chopped.