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Nov 27, 2010 09:20 AM

Best vegetarian Mexican dishes in Philly?

What are the best vegetarian Mexican dishes I can find in Philadelphia? I recently tried the vegetarian burrito from Tacos don Meme after hearing so much about it, but I ended up being pretty disappointed. Any recommendations are fine, although the cheaper and spicier, the better.

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  1. La Lupe makes quesadillas with huitlacoche and with cactus flower (nopales).

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      Assuming you aren't vegan, the La Lupe queso tacos are awesome. I'm not sure I'm ready to say BEST, but it popped to mind and I can stand by them being both good and cheap.

    2. Most tacquerias will make a fine quesadilla with huitalacoche or squash blossoms if it's on the menu.

      The taco truck at Passyunk & Washington has really good vegetarian tacos, They're filled with refried black beans and topped with lettuce tomato onion and a good amount of oaxaca cheese. They're $2 a pop but big.

      Not authentic Mexican, but the Cantina on E Passyunk makes a really good seitan skewer dish. They char the seitan really nicely. I forget what it's called. Cantina has a lot of other good vegetarian and vegan items, too, though I don't recommend their burritos.