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Nov 27, 2010 08:55 AM

twist in hyde park = closed

it's unfortunate. the food has generally been good, and it's disappointing when a place such as this closes. but the speed and attentiveness of service had been really dropping for a while, which meant we were less likely to go with the kids, even at an earlier time (530).

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  1. Sad to hear it. A large group of friends and I went there in March during HV Restaurant Week and had a lovely meal. I hadn't been back since, but it was someplace I had in the back of my mind for special occasions. They had a good beer selection too.

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      So sad. Really loved this place. Does anyone now what happened or was it just another product of the economy?

    2. Very,very sorry to hear. What was the reason, if beyond simple economics?

      1. the story's in today's poughkeepsie journal...quick summary - owner and wife not together anymore. she hasn't been involved since at least 2009. he hasn't been involved since 2009, and in fact has been out at stanford for more than a year.. front end manager opening up wine/tapas place at 202 main st. in poughkeepsie with hopes to open in spring (which would be two wine/tapas bars within 1/2 mile of each other; canvas - artist's palates new place - is up at 307 main st is still scheduled to 'open soon').

        someone on tripadvisor (debadabbadoo) posted their thoughts a while back, which is practically a step by step of what happened from the customer's point of view: