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Nov 27, 2010 08:47 AM

Taking a gander at goose

it dawns on me that i have not had goose for eons. any suggestions for the best goose dishes in manhattan?

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  1. Fresh goose season is not quite here....check back in a couple of weeks...maybe Wallse will serve it (they have a pheasant strudel on the menu now).

    1. or roast your own....that way you can hog all the delicious skin. Not an inexpensive bird, but you can get one from Citarella at a "mere" $7/lb. A 12 pounder can feed 6+ .... Go for it!

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      1. re: boredough

        Quattro will be slaughtering them fresh in a couple of weeks. I ordered one this morning.

        246 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

        1. re: boredough

          while i appreciate and get the whys - i'm well aware i can cook it myself. as i can just about anything. but it wasn't my question

          1. re: thew

            Check back when it's fresh goose season in a couple of weeks....check Austrian and German's traditional at Christmas time...

        2. I noticed that Telepan will be serving goose from December 15 to December 24 as part of a holiday prix fixe menu.

          72 W. 69th Street, New York, NY 10023