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Nov 27, 2010 08:11 AM

Biltmore Cookware

Is anyone familiar with the Biltmore Cookware sold at Belks?

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  1. TLou: Not familiar, but have seen this line. Seems to have aluminum disc, cladded bottoms, straight gauge sidewalls. Since they don't say how thick the Al discs are, my guess is they're pretty thin (If they were thick, you'd think they'd be bragging).

    The rebated rims and wall curves look nice, even a bit sexy--maybe a nod to Ruffoni? This geometry, however, entails a little more restriction getting your utensils (and food) into and out of the pan. This annoys some people (not me), And it might require some increased vigilance when it comes to making sure unseen areas of the walls are scrubbed clear of food before the DW. The handles look comfortably large for a man's hands.