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pappardelle pasta

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Does anyone know where I can find it in the Norristown area? Checked Talluto's but they only have Tagliatelle.

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  1. If you can buy whole sheets of uncooked pasta, you can cut your own.

    1. not super-close to Norristown, but Carlino's in Ardmore & West Chester has great homemade pappardele... fresh & frozen. http://www.carlinosmarket.com/pasta.htm

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        The new plymouth meeting Whole Paycheck has a pretty sweet looking selection of fresh pasta. Haven't tried it yet. I suspect that if they don't have papparadlle, they could at least give you some sheets you coudl cut yourself w/a pizza cutter. Or else just call ahead.

      2. I get it frequently at Trader Joe's. Wegmans also has it.