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Nov 27, 2010 04:03 AM

Wings - Rank 'Em

So I'm trying to figure out where to plant my butt for a long day of wings, beer and football. I'm in the Bridgeport area and would rather not trek downtown for a wing. However, from reading most posts and from some of my own experiences, I've narrowed it down to a handful:

1) Union Jack's - Manayunk
2) Capone's - East Norriton
3) Penn Valley Pub - Narberth
4) PJ Whelihan's - Blue Bell
5) Drafting Room - Ambler/Spring House
6) Phil's Tavern - Ambler

What does everyone think?

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  1. If you're into beer, Capone's is the obvious call. Unrivaled tap list. They had a big beer event yesterday, so they might have some realy good stuff left over.

    PJ's has pretty good wings, nothing special. Phil's is OK on wings, but its not a great place for football watching (not enough TVs).

    Drafting Room is closed, so you can take that one off your list.

    Have you considered the Boathouse in Conshohocken? It usually has a good tap list, and the wings are my personal favorite in the area. It's also right up the road from Bridgeport.

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    1. re: amblerdude

      Shame about the Drafting Room ... I used to love that place, but can't say I've been there in some time (obviously). I hadn't even thought about the Boathouse...definitely good wings and a good tap list as well. TV situation is a little less than desirable, but I think it might work. THANKS!

      1. re: mkertello

        I would also recommend Bagataway's in Conshohocken too. Smaller place, good beer selection and nice wings.

        I do like Capones wings, and their beer selection cannot be topped.

        Phil's does have good wings, its beer selection is sorely lacking. Ribs arent bad there though. Sundays gets real crowded there, especially for a late game, even at the bar.

        If you are going to Union Jacks, I would consider going to the one in Glenside not Manayunk. Excellent wings.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Union Jack's in Manayunk is fine (when it's open). Great variety of wings, and really good home cut fries as well. Nice beer selection too. Penn Valley pub ain't what they were when the place first opened up (unless they changed back to the original recipe they did 10 years ago.) When I first move to Lower Merion they had just opened (or converted from a dive bar.) The wings were fired crisp (and doused in VERY hot sauce, then mixed with blue cheese dressing.) The result was creamy and smooth but burned the CRAP out of your lips for hours afterward. I miss them.

          1. re: phillyjazz

            Personally I'm not a fan of the wings at Whelihan's and think that the ones at Lee's across the street are much better.

            1. re: mitchh

              I went to PJ's on Saturday, pretty solid wings. The Inferno sauce was a hit with me, and all the other sauces (we tried 5) were good as well. Reasonable pricing, lots of space and TVs, all in all, I will be back there.

    2. Union Jack's in Glenside: good beer selection, but it's a small place
      The General Davis, Southhampton

      Phil's does have lots of room and (IMHO) many TVs. Good (not great) wings. Compromise is everything.

      Yep, sayonara Drafting Room. That made a lot of people sad, including the employees who were left high & dry.

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      1. re: PattiCakes

        For the a solid standard wing, Steppy's in east norriton on thursday nights for wing night. They seem to serve way better wings on wing night than in a standard order. But some of my favorites in the area.
        PJs wings are fugazi. they are cute. But for wing eaters, they are are ho-hum. The infernos arent too bad. but in general all of their sauces seem to be way too buttery.
        Capone's has solid wings but their beer is so good its tough to mention anything else.
        My sleeper wing of the area are the sesame garlic wings at Screwballs in King of Prussia. Usually not my thing to go for no-buffalo sauces, but these are good.
        The newly-opened Saloon in jeffersonville has about a dozen wings sauces and ared pretty solid.
        On a side note, i was in scranton this past weekend and went to Quaker Steak and Lube. Had some plans the rest of the day so i didn't try the atomic sauce (waiver required). wentwith hot and supersharged. their menu lists the sauces according to scovilles. pretty neat. Hat was 3,000 , supercharged was 30,000.
        Throwing it back to the past, DiRenzo's Tavern in Norristown had my favorite wings in the world before they closed.