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Ramen Sanpachi soon to open in Edmonton

Some ramen news from Vancouver 'hound and rameniac, Kentan:

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  1. fmed:

    Thanks for the "heads up".

    I'll keep my eyes open to see where they are opening up.

    Chuckled reading Kentan's post as growing up in Montreal I was introduced to Japanese food by a family who had been "displaced" to the east as a result of their forced removal from their Prince Rupert boats by the second world war....did not experience ramen per se and yes, most of what I recollect regarding noodles was "slurping" udon.

    1. Yes! Thanks for the heads up fmed & Kentan! I'll definitely make the drive up to check them out :)

      1. so I guess the two big questions are where in Edmonton, and is it any good (never heard of it before)

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          We'll be trying the Vancouver one as a scouting trip to see....it'll be on the blog in the near future.

          1. re: foodosopher

            The post about Sanpanchi is up! Thanks for TOFTT, shokutsu.

          2. re: Dan G

            They are in the same league as the Japan-based ramen mini-chains such as Setagaya and Santouka - and perhaps a few notches below the top-dog Ippudo. They are all stylistically different in terms of broth and noodle. (Sanpachi's ramen, for example, is prepared in the Sapporo style - thicker noodle and famous miso broth. Sapporo is where miso ramen originated.). Linking to Rameniac's excellent ramen site: http://www.rameniac.com/ramen_styles/...

            I have yet to make it there, but I don't doubt at all that it will be about as good as the Vancouver outpost of Santouka - which makes my favourite ramen in the city.

            Keep an eye out for the future Edmonton location in the local Japanese press.

            1. re: fmed

              I just double check the location today , its at 3803 Calgary Trail, facing east, located between beijing beijing and Canadian Tire.

              Drove by today and its still under construction.

            1. Awesome fmed. Thanks for the link!!

              1. Just ate here. It is now called Nomiya Ramen. Regular hours start Monday.

                Had the:
                shio ramen - pretty good flavour, not amazing, and just a touch below the quality/flavour of shikiji in yyc
                salmon carpaccio & sashimi salad - basically just salmon/sashimi on a bed of arugula topped with salad dressing/mayo. not a ton of flavour, and was pretty average
                had the chicken, chicken wing and gizzard skewers - not impressed at all. just grilled meat on a skewer with some salt. maybe the teriyaki flavoured skewers would be better.

                Overall, it was pretty good and I'll be back to try the other items. Basically, it's the best ramen place in town but mainly because it is pretty much the only ramen place in town.

                Decor was nice and was pretty busy in the restaurant.