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Nov 26, 2010 08:51 PM

Soaking beans in broth/stock?

Has anyone ever soaked their beans overnight/a-few-hours in broth/stock instead of water? I was thinking of doing this since I have a lot of turkey stock fresh from the holidays. I have typically liked retaining my soaking water (instead of dumping it) when cooking some beans, I find if more flavorful, and I thought I could do the same with stock.

And... if I use the stock to soak the beans, should it be refrigerated instead? Does that affect the soaking in any way?

Happy holiday weekend!

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  1. Suppose you could, although I don't know if it'd effect the texture.

    YES, you MUST refrigerate if you're using stock. Food poisoning is no joke, and stock is basically a petri dish.

    1. I often soak in stock, though usually veggie stock. It doesn't affect texture but does add flavor.. I also retain soaking medium, and also often freeze cooked beans in their liquid for easy use later.