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Best Indie Kitchen Retailers?

It being Black Friday, I'm reminded how I HATE shopping at, and supporting, the box stores and chains. Sometimes I even feel guilty sniping for bargains on the "Internets". One of my resolutions for 2011 is going to be to buy local whenever I can, and buy small/independent/USA elsewhere when I must (or when I travel).

So I'm wondering... What do CHs consider the best or their favorite brick-and-mortar, independent kitchen/chef's stores where they live, or even country- or worldwide? Is it Fantes in Philly? The Peppercorn in Boulder? Bridge in...er...NJ? E. Dehillerin in Paris? City Kitchens in Seattle? And what makes that store your favorite?

Seems to me that if we have a good city-by-city compendium, it might be useful for travelers, tourists and locals alike.

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  1. There is a really neat kitchen store in Fredericksburg, Texas of all places! Not much copper but lots of great tinned molds, ceramic bowls, offbeat utensils, etc.

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      tim: Is it Der Kuchen Laden? If so, their hosted website looks good, as do their prices. Thanks.

    2. In Pittsburgh, PA, we have In the Kitchen. http://www.shopinthekitchen.com/store/

      They sell Le Creuset, btw, but they told me they don't list it online because their prices are too low.

      1. This is a great idea for a thread. I hope there are lots of postings.

        The Cook's Shop in the historic river town of Marietta, Ohio http://www.thecooksshop.com/

        Cook's Wares in Cincinnati and Springboro, Ohio. 2 locations http://www.cookswaresonline.com/

        Several retailers in the Ohio Amish Country carry kitchen equipment and gadgets. Walnut Creek Foods has an extensive selection. http://www.walnutcreekcheese.com/

        1. Anyone from N'awlins want to weigh in?

          1. I'm from Mississippi, and I consider Viking supporting local businesses. As for New Orleans, I just eat there... leave the cooking to the experts. I also consider Lodge local, relatively speaking, because they are made in the USA.

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              That's good. What about kitchen stores?

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                Unfortunately, most of the 'kitchen stores' are boutiquey-trendy stores here... Like Williams-Sonoma with less selection. Most of the selection is more for kitchen decor than actual use. In MS, alot of people either use what their grandmother used or order online or (God forbid) go to Walmart for kitchen supplies. There are a few restaurant supply stores. In most of MS there is not a huge demand for these type of stores... unless you are on the coast or in a large city. Most people just drive to the next 'big town' over and shop at Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table or the like. My generation either doesn't cook or orders supplies online. I wish we had more selection, but it's a pretty humble place and the best thing to have is something passed down from prior generations... because it's also likely you cook the same meals that were also passed down. This is a very good topic, and I'm glad to see what it's like in the rest of the country.

                I also live in Austin, TX, so I'm really excited about the one down the highway in Fredricksburg!

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                  well if you are here in Austin, the restaurant supply place at (I think) 51st or whatever borders the north edge of that new development is pretty good, as is Ace on Oltorf. Also, it varies a lot but Central Market carries some neat stuff. Also Breed has a pretty good selection, albeit pricey. Zinger has some odd kitchen items. If there's ever a weird item you are looking for In Austin, holler. Things pop up in odd spots. I saw the most beautiful copper fish poacher at the Cadeau years ago and still wish I had snagged it.

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                    Thanks man!! I do go to Ace on Oltorf when I need anything! I always thought that was more a chain-type thing, but I'm not sure. Breed is cool, but ridiculously priced for how often I'd probably use the item. I'll have to check out the Cadeau... I never get up towards campus anymore... the traffic and parking is SO bad. I've recently found lots of fun things at Whole Foods behind the BBQ place, next to the wine section... they have some cool serving pieces and stuff.

            2. So this store, ToTT, just recently opened in Singapore: http://www.tottstore.com/

              It's a 36.000 sq ft kitchen supply/cooking studio store that carries restaurant-grade equipment as well as a smattering of consumer items. What's nice about it is that I can get both western and asian cooking gear in one place.

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                Whoiswen: Looks great, thanks. No internet sales for ToTT?

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                  sadly no =( I hear from friends that they'll have online shopping "someday soon"