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Nov 26, 2010 08:16 PM

Preserved Lemon

I usually make them but didn't get around to it.

Where's a good place to get them?

I saw some chinese ones at A & L Market. Do they approximate at all the middle eastern ones?

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  1. Halal meats at 25th and main is the place you want. I ended up there on my hunt for preserved lemons a few months ago. They have jars and a few brands to choose from, all from mid east.

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      Thanks a lot, tangentdesign. Actually I know the place, come to think of it. Went there and bought some lamb (mutton?) different cuts. Took ages to get rid of. Never again.

      It's a great place. I spent ages there. Glad you reminded me of it.

    2. Gourmet warehouse has preserved lemons. Imported from Morocco.
      Address is 1340 E Hastings. (604) 253-3022 Maybe call first to make sure they have some in stock. Great place to shop but a bit pricey on cookware.

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