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Nov 26, 2010 07:59 PM

BYOW near McGill/Prince Arthur & Parc

Any suggestions for a vegetarian place near McGill within walking distance from Parc and Prince Arthur?

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  1. Amelio's on the corner of Milton and St. Famille is fantastic. Not all their dishes are vegetarian, but they are very veg friendly. I've been eating there for years and never had a problem finding things to eat. Many veg pizzas and pastas. Also: delicious.

    201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA

    1. Lola Rosa is right in the McGill Ghetto near the intersection you mention - lovely vegetarian in a funky, cozy atmosphere.

      545 rue Milton

      Lola Rosa Cafe
      545 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1W5, CA