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Nov 26, 2010 07:44 PM

Feedback on menu

I'm meeting my boyfriend's sister and her husband for the first time tomorrow. They are coming over for appetizers and drinks. This is what I am planning on serving. Any tips/advice/suggestions are welcome.

Hot Spinach Dip
Baked brie with pecans and maple syrup
Shrimp Cocktail
Goat stuffed mushrooms

For dessert:

Classic Creme Brulee

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  1. It sounds a bit heavy, i suggest trading out the spinach dip for some sort of crudite or lighter option such as brushetta

    1. I like the spinach dip, brie & shrimp cocktail....the only problem with the apps I find is that you're having two cheeses (brie & stuffed mushroom). I'd swap out the goat's cheese & do perhaps a pickled mushroom or a veggie stuffed mushroom. Also, since you're serving foods with a mostly soft consistancy, I'd do something else with dessert; the creme brulee is also soft. I'd make something with more texture and/or a boosted flavor profile....perhaps fresh fruit compote or similar.