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Nov 26, 2010 06:56 PM

Can you freeze cooked turkey?

We bought a turkey much larger than we needed, and wonder if it is a good idea to freeze what's left over. I assume you must slice it or cut off large pieces.

(Please excuse naive questions from this vegetarian. I'm asking on behalf of the carnivorous members of my family.)

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  1. for future reference, this sort of topic belongs on the Home Cooking board.

    but yes, you can freeze it. for best results, slice into portions/servings, and store in liquid - gravy, stock or broth - in heavy duty freezer bags or containers.

    the carnivores might also consider trying to use up some of the leftover meat in other recipes:

    1. I remember my mom just pulling the meat off the carcus and freezing it in freezer bags (no liquid). Worked just fine, though we usually had it in something "cooked," like tetrazinni.

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      1. re: bebevonbernstein

        My mom did it that way too but adding liquid really does help it stay fresh tasting. I learned this with freezing leftover brisket.

      2. Just echoing what others have said because, well, the board is kind of slow tonight.

        Slice off the meat from the bone. Freeze -- either sealed in a ziploc bag, or in liquid as others have suggested but I don't it's necessary esp. considering the hassle. Turkey meat is pretty dry and tasteless to begin with, so a little frost bite is sort of like gilding the lily in a perverse way, right?

        Save the bones and carcass for stock.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          I beg to doffer with ispsedixit. IMHO Turkey meat is not inherently dry and tasteless at all, except maybe from a mass produced overcooked turkey! We cut it into small pieces to allow maximum contact with liquid. It is best used within 2 months. We especially love turkey curry in January.