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Nov 26, 2010 06:18 PM

Runner looking for tasty (whey) protein powder - ideas?

I'm looking to introduce protein shakes into my diet and am looking for some pointers on powders that don't taste of bones or make me feel like I'm choking on chalk. I'd mostly be mixing with frozen fruit and maybe some lactose-free milk....Any ideas on what brand, flavour and where to buy in the downtown core (of Toronto)? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Optimum Nutrition - Cookies & Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip

    Either at Popeye's Health, or SND Canada

    1. I've used Cytosport, AllMax and Ultimate Nutrition and they all mix pretty well on their own, although if you're gonna use a blender to make a shake, it should be alright. I'd stay away from the flavoured ones and just stick with vanilla if you're planning to make fruit shakes. I find that I get really tired of the flavoured ones after a while, even if they tasted good at the beginning!

      I usually go to Popeye's.

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        1. Last time I got whey powder, I went for the Kaizen brand, chocolate flavor, which I found at Costco. Very good taste, whether you mix it in milk or water, and it dissolves fairly well. I use a hand blender to mix it, it's easy and fast.

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            Have you tried Whey Gourmet brand?

            Or, FYI, there are "cooler" type of proteins (GNC brand, Whey Cooler, etc.) powders that taste like fruity crystal light/jello (hey, mix it with jello/gelatin too).

            Personally, I tend to make smoothies (fruit, yogurt, juice, protein etc)

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