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Anyone been to "Spring Rolls" near Square One?

So I pass by Spring Rolls on my way from work everyday and I really want to try the place and it always looks packed. Has anyone tried it? How is the food and the prices?

Thanks :)

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  1. I've never been in but we've ordered from there a couple of times, food is decent as are the prices, there is better out there but it will do in a pinch

    1. assuming its part of the Spring Rolls chain, my next question is: why bother going?

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        Second that. The food is plain bad.

        As far as I can tell, it's an Asian restaurant for suburbanites afraid of flavour. I know that sounds snobbish or bad, but it's true: All my friends in the suburbs like the place, all my friends in the city hate it and go elsewhere.

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          Third that. I've eaten only once at a Spring Rolls (Erin Mills Parkways Mall), and regretted wasting my money. Everyone I know who understands what good Asian food tastes like, dislikes Spring Rolls. I would not describe it as the McDonalds of Asian food (at least McD's offers burgers that are really not out of the ballpark from, say, the Five Guys' burgers in Mississauga). In Timbuktu, Mali, probably some businessman has opened a chain of popular restaurants called Ham Burgers, serving burgers bastardized to suit the tastes of the grain-eating Malians.

        2. If you have ever been to one of the Spring Rolls locations in Toronto, it is the same across my Square One. The decor and menu are the same and the service all depends on day and luck. It is reliable but not anything earth-shattering as far as a culinary experience goes. If you are looking for a decent lunch or dinner option that won't break the bank, it is good. But if you are looking for something specific as in Dim Sum or something truly authentic, there are many other options in Mississauga.

          Spring Rolls
          90 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON L5B 1P3, CA

          1. If Mississauga is your area, I just had an awesome business lunch at Courtney Park and Hwy 10.. the complex where there's a Boston Pizza and AMC.. I believe it's called Two Fishes. It's a Thai restaurant, and I can't stop raving about it. Their lunches are $10, includes the main, rice (or pad thai, depending on what you order), and a soup/spring rolls.. It was bang for buck. Quality of ingredients were great, the portion was just right, and taste was superb! I didnt come out feeling all greasy or underwhelmed - it was just right. HIghly recommend if in Mississauga..

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              Twin Fish, and it must be related to Spoon & Fork and JJ Thai chain somehow. The menu's and descriptions are pretty much identical, right down to their signature 10% discount on pickup orders that they offer at all of their locations

              I like their food most of the time but I find their pad thai a little too sweet and it's also more expensive than most other Thai food places

              Definitely a fan of their red curry though, its done with pineapple and kaffir lime leaves

              Spoon & Fork
              5555 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M9C5M1, CA

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                This Thai restaurant is in the Shoeless Joe strip, I think. I've eaten there twice, only because it's close to AMC. It's a level or so better than Spring Rolls, but still somewhat underwhelming taste-wise. The best Thai restaurant in Mississauga is arguably SukoThai (Winston Churchill Boulevard just north of Dundas), but it's not extraordinary.

              2. Only visited the Yonge and Eglinton location and it is just plain AWFUL. No veggies in a veggie fried rice, stroppy attitude from the staff, especially the middle aged Chinese Woman. Best avoided.

                1. Spring Rolls is a special place. it has the capacity of creating some of the worst food on the planet at its price range,and do good business creating it. this is not to be taken lightly, what with the competition and all. I have a special kind of respect for it.

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                    Not that I disagree with your assessment of Spring Rolls, but I don't think I'd call it a Chinese restaurant. It's always been a pan-Asian sort of place. Equal opportunity massacring of multiple Asian cuisines.

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                      Sadly, I know many folks that have grown accustomed to the Spring Rolls menu. And they enjoy it. I have chipped in when the folks at the workplace have decided they were ordering from there as a "treat". It is edible to a degree. Just understand that this is the McD's (in my humble opinion) of Asian cuisine.

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                        How dare you sully Micky Deez good name and reputation buy comparing them to Spring Rolls :D. I've only had the misfortune of dinning there a couple of times(not by choice) and I'm pretty sure they use the same sauce for every dish.

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                          They are to Asian cuisine what Boston Pizza is to Italian....

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                              Exactly. Both butcher their hijacked cuisine to the point of becoming inedible.

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                                It seems that Spring Rolls has added "sushi" to their menu. I can't imagine the horror that awaits the unwashed masses..

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                                  McSushi is bad enough. McSushi by Spring Rolls, oh god....

                                  If Gordon Ramsay ever came here to do Kitchen Nightmares, I can just imagine him spitting out every single dish made by that place....

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                                    Spring Rolls restaurant disagrees with all of you. It humbly claims to “(have) quality without the price. Style without the attitude …have a large loyal following with fans from all over the world. Each Spring Rolls opening is highly anticipated by Torontonians, as they have come to know that we will once again raise the bar on stylish restaurant design and quality cuisine. Look for the latest in Spring Rolls style at Spring Rolls Go, opening in multiple locations across the Toronto area and in Mississauga.”

                                    Hmmm, loyal fans from Toronto and all over the world? Hungry tourists visiting Toronto from Iceland might discover Spring Rolls when they check their Frommers travel guide:

                                    Hungry tourists from Argentina might discover Spring Rolls from their Fodor’s guide.

                                    In 20 or 30 years from now, these loyal fans will be yearning for spring rolls and pad thai from the hopefully-extinct Spring Rolls, their benchmark for what was once good Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

                                    Meanwhile, hungry Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese tourists...

                                    1. re: Tony8952

                                      "Meanwhile, hungry Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese tourists..."

                                      ...will be laughing uncontrollably as they take out their iPhones to take pictures of this place to email back home as the latest joke!

                                      I was in Pasadena, CA a couple years ago and saw a group of Japanese tourists doing exactly that in front of a sushi restaurant!

                    2. re: shekamoo

                      This is perhaps the best description of Spring Rolls I have ever read. My hat is off to you!

                    3. All the predators seem to be lured by Square One and its growing condo jungle. Whole Foods is building a new outpost there, too.