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Nov 26, 2010 03:11 PM

Double oven gas range

I'm desperate to purchase a Double oven gas range. To be honest with you all, I'm not in the Viking or Bluestar purchasing demographic. I'm in the $1000-1200 Frigidaire Gallery or Maytag Gemini demographic. Even a GE profile is something I'd consider if the price is right. The aforementioned ranges all have convection ovens which is a desired feature. Any help, tips, advice would be helpful into guiding me to buy the right range.

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  1. I am a relatively recent owner of a GE JGB400SEP3 gas range. I had a budget limit that ruled out Bluestar, Wolf, etc.. My GE is a single oven without convection. You can move up a couple of steps in models/price and get convection and a small ancillary electric oven. I waffled back and forth over whether to purchase a model with the ancillary oven, and eventually decided against it. In the end, part of my decision involved getting a model with the fewest possible "features" and the associated electronic components.

    Thanksgiving was my first MAJOR test of the oven. I am extremely happy with it. I've always read that gas ovens don't cook evenly; that was not a problem at all. I will, however, order an (optional) 3rd oven rack. A 3rd oven rack would have been helpful for Thanksgiving. Have to admit, I would have used the ancillary oven for Thanksgiving if I had it.

    This was a replacement for an electric smooth-top range that died; it was only 3 1/2 years old and was unrepairable. The electric had convection, and I found that I rarely used that feature.

    I am completely happy with my choice. I think I got a good value for my budgeted amount of money.

    I think this is a very individual decision, balancing personal wants/needs with budget and space constraints. Good luck.