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Nov 26, 2010 02:56 PM

Folsom eateries?

I have a friend who will be in Folsom for about a month for a sick relative, and he is looking for a good eatery to visit on a daily basis, preferably near Folsom Blvd. and Natoma Street (the medical facility is near Natoma/Fargo).

He needs to eat healthy. Some of his favorites are the steel cut oatmeal, the salmon, and the turkey burgers at Cafe Bernardo (which has locations in the Sacramento area but not in Folsom).

Is there someplace with a similar menu/ambience in Folsom? A good diner or cafe-style restaurant, moderately-priced, good chow?

Any help is appreciated --


Cafe Bernardo
1431 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811

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  1. The place your friend is looking for is the lake Forest Cafe

    Breakfast and lunch only, Wed thru Sunday. It is on Folsom Blvd right between the Area you are talking about and old town.

    Around the hospital are there is only one place I can even tell you about and that is Ciros Pizza. Very good pizza, but not incredible. There are restaurants in that area (Including Tahoe Joes) but I have not tried any of them.

    Old Town Folsom is only about two miles and offers way more selection and way more food (and no Tahoe Joes)..

    On Sutter Street (Old town


    The Sutter Street Grill probably would suit your friend too, for breakfast. Not Lake Forest good, but better than most and they have great coffee.

    Karen's bakery is fantastic and probably would work too. They have fantastic food, great coffee and a is a great meeting place.

    The Black Rooster is great too and has great food. And there is another coffee type shop on Sutter that seems to have some interesting homemade foods...


    1. My Yelp page for some reviews of Folsom

      Other things. There is a Dominicks Deli in the area around Lake Forest Cafe. I heard that it was owned by the same people that own the one in Granite Bay. If true them that is a find.
      In that same center is Mel's. Probably not for your friend. One of those brand new greasy spoons. UnGood coffee too.

      Q'Bole serves the best Mexican in Old Town. But not the best bar. The Hacienda has great happy hour pricing., Half priced food and is a great bar. Stay away from the red sauce. Samuel Horne's has a great happy hour too and is an excellent inexpensive good food place at lunch and happy hour. 20 beers on tap, 100 mile specials, team trivia on Wed,. And if your friend is into craft brewing and beer, the staff might accommodate his requests. The friendliest place in town.

      Your friend might like the Balcony Cafe too. They are about the freshest mot inventive cooks on the street. I haven't been since the move but usually pretty good.

      The truth about Folsom is the newer sections of town are where all the chains are. And that is here you will be. Old Folsom all kinds of stuff. There is a great Thai place, a really good sushi place, Q Bole,and Karens all in one center by the river (and the Hotel


      Then Sutter Street has an Italian Deli, five wine bars, ten restaurants, a couple of candy shops, two coffee cafes, 10 bars all in two blocks. One the weekends the place is HOPPING, packs of 30-50 year olds. Cover bands and Karaoke. Big huge party and I think this week or next, they will be done with the street project.

      There is also a theater company on Sutter street, a skating rink and a number of unique galleries, and shops. Lots of antiques.