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Nov 26, 2010 02:12 PM

DG Burger by Charlie Palmer at South Coast Plaza

Any reviews of the new burger joint by Charlie Palmer - DG Burger - at the South Coast Plaza mall? I've been wanting to try it and am interested if anyone has.

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  1. I have not but was just looking at the menu. One of our favorite things is thier happy hour for cocktails and thier sliders and I'm interested about seeing how thier burgers compare.

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    1. re: chris2269

      Yes, I've enjoyed their sliders in the past and am interested in Charlie Palmer version of the full burger. I guess I will have to try it out.

      I am surprised other chowhounds have not tried/reported this already.

      1. I went there today for lunch. They are only open from 11:30 to 4pm so I guess it's the only time you could theoretically go.

        The burgers are priced at $7.95 as is no changes. Anything else you want is $2 extra - fried egg, bacon, aged cheddar and avocado. Our table ordered 4 cheeseburgers and 2 fries to split for the table. The fries are $5 and come with one free dipping sauce. We chose bacon mayo (seriously?) and garlic sour cream.

        The burger itself was very tasty and nicely formed. More like a ball than a burger patty. Not too ground up and dense. You could taste the quality of the meat and the burger wasn't over-seasoned or too fussy. The cheese was almost tasteless and would suggest not adding to the burger. If you told me they forgot the cheese I would have believed it. The burger came with a tomato, red onion and some lettuce type slaw. They added some texture and crunch. The bun was very big and dwarfed the burger. It held up well and didn't collapse like some brioche type buns. The only way you could fit the burger into your mouth was by squishing down the buns on both ends. I didn't use ketchup nor did I think the burger needed it. The one complaint I could envision is that the burger is too small but I felt like it was a nice portion but maybe not well placed between the big buns.

        The fries were good - better than your average fries but not memorable. They were hand cut for sure and had a nice potato-ey flavor. Some good crisp ones and others a little undercooked so something for everybody. I enjoyed both of the dipping sauces. They complimented the fries very nicely and were not a gimmick afterthought.

        It's a little expensive for a burger but if I was at the south coast plaza shopping during the holidays this would definitely be a place I'd stop back at.

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        1. re: js76wisco

          How was the wait today? Wondering if I wait a few weeks for the newness to die down along with the holiday rush? But I've been craving a good burger...

          1. re: adamclyde

            We arrived around 12:45 and had to wait about 5 minutes but mostly to clean up a table. It took about 20 minutes from the time we ordered to the time our food arrived. It's not table service so even if there is a wait you could probably put in your order and a table should open up before your food is ready.

        2. Thanks for the report. I'm wondering if DG Burger is worth trying while I'm in OC next month for the holidays.

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          1. re: atdleft

            If not DG Burger, then you might want to try Charlie Palmer's $20 3-course lunch.

            1. re: OCAnn

              I may ultimately do that, as I want a better sense of Charlie Palmer OC. Still, it's good to know the burger joint is there if my dad or any of my friends there ever wants to try Charlie Palmer but can't do the full sit-down lunch.

          2. Over the weekend I was at SCP and had to try this place.

            The burger itself was good, but not great. The bun was very dense and did not like at all. The special DG sauce tasted like thousand island with cocktail sauce. The meat itself was juicy but not much beefy flavor. The burger definitely tasted like it was charbroiled and actually overwhelmed the flavor of the meat.

            I have to say the one major plus about this place is the fries. They are excellent and would return just to have with a nice frosty beer. The bacon mayo dipping sauce for the fries was also great. DG Burger definitely knows their spuds, unfortunately the burger was just average.

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            1. re: A5 KOBE

              Amen to that. It was nothing special.

            2. I went on 01JAN11...

              We ordered a DG Burger, $7.95, with aged Cheddar, $2.00, cripes. $9.95 for a cheeseburger--we passed on the $5.00 fries, since a tiny bottle of Diet Coke was already $3.00, and a chocolate malt (it tasted heavily of molasses) was $5.00. Still, this was one of Charlie Palmer's self-proclaimed Damn Good burgers. The attendant at the ordering kiosk (not kidding) was kind enough to let us have the accompanying vegetables and sauce on the side--well, that's what I requested, twice. What happened is that none of that stuff ever showed up. Weak. After a brief wait, our food arrived from the kitchen.

              What we got was a 5 ounce, mild, heavy-on-the-char, over-charred burger on a potato bun.

              Charlie, you got me once, but you won't get me twice. The burger was pretty good, but it was way over-priced considering the following:

              * the lack of service,
              * the meager portion size,
              * the burger was mostly Chuck,
              * the fries were $5.00 extra, sodas cost three bucks,
              * the chocolate malt was not good.

              Also, DG Burger was in a mall. I suppose they must have been banking on having enough mall traffic that they would not need repeat business to sustain them. I didn't mind shelling out some dough at Charlie Palmer's at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, but the portions were not miserly there, either. I walked away from DG Burger hungry and feeling a little ripped off. That notwithstanding, the burger was better than average.

              Burger Review : Damn Good Burger was hyperbole for "Way Over-Priced, Dinky, Better Than Average But Not Great Burger." I walked in a fan, and I walked out a skeptic.


              Las Vegas Bar
              2343 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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              1. re: TheBurgerBusters

                Thanks for the review/updated. I gave this place a try to test it out. I got a burger that was better than average but overpriced (I opted not to get the cheese on reviews that the sharp cheddar didn't really add to the burger). One issue I had with the burger was that it made me feel like garbage after. My wife and I came home and could just feel the excessive salt lingering in our systems. We could not drink enough water to quench ourselves that night despite downing massive amounts of h20. I have had this problem with CP on all of my total of 4 visits to the Costa Mesa restaurant (1 brunch, 1 dinner and 2 visits at happy hour). One would wonder why I keep going back if the food is consistently too salty - well that is my bad apparently. I really want to like this place and have been hoping that the excessive salt issue was the product of off days/nights. Well, after having the salt attack from this last visit to DG Burger I am pretty sure I will not return until I am informed the salt issue has been abated. Funny thing is that I love salty foods and never notice over salting at say, any of Batali's places where the criticisms of heavy salting are common.

                The fries were very good however, and I think DG Burger has done a good job with that. The salt levels appeared fine to the taste (I love salty fries though) but I am sure the fries contributed to our heavy slated feeling after the meal.

                I still maintain that the best burger in OC is the Black Label Burger at the the Crow Bar (CDM), made with ground dry aged beef, bone marrow butter and grilled onions - but at a whopping $18 for that burger I think I will stick to TK Burger for now to get my burger fix in OC.

                1. re: TheBurgerBusters

                  I haven't been, so can't speak at all for the quality/service, etc. But for some reason $10 does not seem exorbitant for a burger to me. You can spend $10 at Ruby's for a burger. Granted, it comes with fries, but it also tastes like it was made from fatty cardboard.

                  That doesn't excuse a CP from making a mediocre burger at all... just thinking that seeing them charge $8 for straight burger or $10 for a burger with aged cheddar doesn't seem to me like a crassly overpriced offering?

                  1. re: adamclyde

                    It was a very small burger, and the service was terrible. I found the value to be very weak.

                    1. re: TheBurgerBusters

                      $10 for 5oz seems ridiculous when you can get a 13oz wet aged beast w/ cheese, bacon, AND mushrooms for <$15 @ Mortons. INCLUDING FRIES.

                      1. re: ns1

                        But there isn't a Morton's at South Coast. I don't know why I'm defending them (b/c I didn't care for the DG burger), but I think it's gear toward folks who don't want a full-service restaurant. Comparing it to something similar in the mall (Lawry's Carvery), the prices are fair. And besides, if you're shopping @ SCP, a $10 burger is quite affordable.

                          1. re: A5 KOBE

                            A5 KOBE--is the burger over at Marc Burger' (Macy's) any better? I cruise by there every couple of weeks.

                            1. re: TheBurgerBusters

                              I would much rather head over to Marc Burger. The burger is a tad better but with less the hassle and by pass on the horrible service. After eating a burger there, you can grab a frozen custard after. : )

                              1. re: A5 KOBE

                                That's where I'm taking my kid on Saturday--thanks much. The custard will sell him on the trip.

                          2. re: OCAnn


                            unless it closed down there was most certainly a Morton's @ SCP

                            South Coast Plaza Village
                            1641 W. Sunflower Ave.
                            Santa Ana, CA 92704

                            1. re: ns1

                              Morton's is in the South Coast Plaza Village shopping center directly across the street (Sunflower) from SCP. It is in the same center as Darya, Royal Khyber and a few other restaurants. I believe Morton's is listed in the SCP directory however.

                          3. re: ns1

                            Five ounce patty size for a supposedly premium "gourmet" burger is pathetic and downright miserly. Shame on DGB - that's a sin and a joke.