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Nov 26, 2010 01:54 PM

Miele steam oven

We are renovating, and while choosing appliances saw this and were very intrigued. Does anyone have this steam oven? I like that it steams fish, veggies, rice, omelets. Healthy, and would be handy when we are not cooking large meals.

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  1. I have played with one at Miele Gallery cooking demos and it would be on my list of appliances to install. Built in cooking programs for specific foods plus the ability to add your own (or modify in case you don't enjoy super-mushy asparagus). We used it to steam lobsters and couscous but the unit can also replace a microwave to reheat.

    The Miele unit isn't plumbed but that would be about the only default in the current design.

    1. I do not have one of these, and frankly it would be pretty far down my list. But I have some experience with Miele "programmability", and personally I find it tiresome to the point of being more trouble than $2,500 is worth.

      I would also take pause at the internal, refillable water reservoir. This sounds like an invitation for some sort of misfortune, bacteriological or otherwise.

      Also kind of strikes me as a REALLY expensive Octodog.

      1. When I was redoing my kitchen, it was one of four ovens I seriously considered: it and the Miele (I think it was Miele) convection oven with built in rotisserie, GE Advantium (cooks with microwave and halogen, but the current models are different), and GE Trivection. I ultimately went with the two GEs and have never looked back. Love them!

        While I like the idea of the Miele steam oven, I found the restricted size of the interior of the oven a drawback, and I was less than thrilled with having to cart water to it every time I wanted to steam something. In the end, when it comes to the ergonomics, economics, and space involved in kitchen planning, I just thought it would be a hell of a lot more convenient (not to mention cost effective) to stay with my tried and true wok/steamer baskets or to even add a new countertop steamer. If I had a kitchen about the size of a tennis court with tons of wall space, I might have gone with the Miele steam oven, but my problem with it is that it just steams, and you know what Alton Brown says about uni-taskers... I feel I made the right decision... for me!

        Oh, and beware of steamed omelets! Many turn out vulcanized.