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The Elusive Big Xtra in Toronto!

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Torontonians I'd like to ask your help. You might remember a burger that used to be a part of every McMenu, called the Big Xtra. It's been removed from the menu in recent years, but I know it can still be found here and there and I'm trying to compile a little list of all the known locations where the Big Xtra still lives. One I have found is the small McDonalds in the Village by the Grange. Anyone got any others? Much appreciated!

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  1. i've heard lots of people order a quarter pounder and ask it to be made like a big xtra. it was, afer all, essentially a quarter pounder with cheese with whole leaf lettuce, tomato and mayo.

    kind of like ordering a mcdouble made like a mac. costs like .60 or .80 more but its the same, just without the middle bun

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        The Mickie D SupperClub at Walmart in teh Dufferin Mall.

    1. You can get them at the Walmart in newmarket !! First one I have had in YEARS was last weekend!!!

      1. I've ordered it over the past year or so at different drive-thrus and they make it even though it's not on the menu.

        1. omg! I just found it at the small McDonald's at Dixon/Kipling

          1. Not sure if you're still interested, but the Rotten Ronnie's inside the Heartland Walmart around Mavis and Brittania still serves them. My daughter's favourite as well.

            1. Can be found at the McDonalds at Broadview and Danforth as well.