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Nov 26, 2010 01:46 PM

The Elusive Big Xtra in Toronto!

Torontonians I'd like to ask your help. You might remember a burger that used to be a part of every McMenu, called the Big Xtra. It's been removed from the menu in recent years, but I know it can still be found here and there and I'm trying to compile a little list of all the known locations where the Big Xtra still lives. One I have found is the small McDonalds in the Village by the Grange. Anyone got any others? Much appreciated!

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  1. i've heard lots of people order a quarter pounder and ask it to be made like a big xtra. it was, afer all, essentially a quarter pounder with cheese with whole leaf lettuce, tomato and mayo.

    kind of like ordering a mcdouble made like a mac. costs like .60 or .80 more but its the same, just without the middle bun

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        The Mickie D SupperClub at Walmart in teh Dufferin Mall.

    1. You can get them at the Walmart in newmarket !! First one I have had in YEARS was last weekend!!!

      1. I've ordered it over the past year or so at different drive-thrus and they make it even though it's not on the menu.

        1. omg! I just found it at the small McDonald's at Dixon/Kipling

          1. Not sure if you're still interested, but the Rotten Ronnie's inside the Heartland Walmart around Mavis and Brittania still serves them. My daughter's favourite as well.