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Nov 26, 2010 12:58 PM

One night, good family meal

First time on the Philly's cracking me up that the post w/the most replies is the one about Pat's or Geno's for cheesesteaks : )

My awesome hubby and I met in art school (Art Institute) and dated while living in Center City about 23 years ago. In January, we'll have the pleasure of flying into Phila. and staying one night--with our 8 yr. old daughter!--before we drive up the the Water Gap area to visit family.

We'll probably be staying up somewhere around Rittenhouse Sq and would like someplace walk-able for dinner. Now...I remember the Irish Pub on Walnut, but I don't remember the quality of the food 'cuz I was mostly there for beer! And I don't even know if it's still there!

Any other suggestions in that area for dinner?


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  1. Tuck a bottle of Amarone under your arm and head for Bistro La Viola (16th and Locust, or thereabouts.) Reasonable, great food and service.

    1. Chefpaulo's advice is good. Another good byob choice in that area is Caffe Casta Diva Don't know what night you will be there but Meme is nearby, and Weds. nights are byob. The Irish Pub is still there but you can do much better.