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Nov 26, 2010 09:50 AM

Mexico City Recommendations

We'll be in Mexico City for a few days in January, and haven't found any recent threads. Any recommendations? We love street food and also looking for something for lunch near Xochimilco. We will be staying in Condessa and looking for a few high-end suggestions as well as some kid-friendly restaurants, thanks.

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  1. For the high-end, I can't help recommending JASO--again! Service, food, ambiance are all pure WOW!


    88 Newton, Mexico City 11570, MX

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      Thanks, Cristina! I think I saw this restaurant featured on Food Network, but can't remember which show.

    2. I don't know your group's ages but keyed in on high-end and kid-friendly in your post. to recommend Contramar on Durango Avenue in Colonia Roma for great seafood prepared in various styles. It might be considered high-end because of the cost but it is very kid-friendly. On Sunday afternoons you will see tables with families of all ages eating and drinking, with so many dishes served family style.

      If you decide to make a reservation, it has to be done by three days before. Otherwise you can walk up and wait for a table.

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        Thanks so much, the kids range in age from 4 to 13. I think I've read about Contramar in the past (we were going to Mexico City two years ago but had to change plans)