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Nov 26, 2010 09:26 AM

Thank you,CH

I just wanted to say "thank you" to all the wonderful, helpful. patient people on this board. I posted a bunch of questions about vegetarian main dishes, turkey buying, turkey preparing, and that is just what I posted in the last few weeks! The reponses I got were always kind, and helpful, and I am definitely becoming more confident and capable regarding my kitchen skills.
So, to update...I did buy a TJ's brined turkey, used the Calphalon rack, adjusted Alton Brown's roasting method so that I started at 450 (not 500) degrees (thank you JoBear) and it was wonderful. The mushroom bourguinon (that I believe goodhealthgourmet brought to my attention,sorry if I am not recalling correctly) was a huge hit with the vegetarians.
I hosted 18 people for a sit-down dinner in my typical, NYC (ie small) apartment, and we all had a fabulous time, with wonderful delicious food.
So thanks, CH, and may we all be around to query, answer, critique, and enjoy, next Thanksgiving.

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  1. wow - that is a big party to host if you are just starting out! congrats, glad it went well. I too find this community very nurturing - you learn so much here.

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      +1 on what mariacarmen said. This site has changed the way I cook and DH is thrilled! So my thanks to all CH's for your help and advice.

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        + 1 from me, too! You all helped with my gravy and cranberry sauce questions.

    2. It is a great board with great people

      1. you, my dear, are officially my hero. a newbie hosting *eighteen* people in an NYC shoebox?! that's amazing!

        glad to hear it all worked out so well. i'm curious, which mushroom recipe did you make? i gave you a few links.

        oh, and a hearty amen to the final line of your post...Turkey Day just wouldn't be the same without all of you.

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Hi, goodhealthgourmet,
          I actually just got back from dinner at Blue Hill, but that's another story for another board!!
          For Thanksgiving, I made the mushroom bourguinon recipe from Smittenkitchen,.com
          I used crimini and portobellos ( have since learned that crimini are just baby portobellos, but I thought I was being "fancy") and it was just delicious and gobbled up by the vegetarians.
          I have concluded that with family that you love gathering, and good food, the size of my NYC apartment doesn't really affect the wonderful time we have, Somehow, we make do!!