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Nov 26, 2010 09:05 AM

Field of Greens - Macrobiotic

Searching for vegetarian restaurants and wondering about Field of Greens in the Montrose. Has anyone been? I don't generally like macrobiotic.

Field of Greens
2320 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

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  1. Is this for your veggie friends visiting from out of town? I would not suggest Field of Greens in that case - not a going-out-with-friends sort of place in my mind (though I haven't been there in years).

    Without knowing your friends so speaking only for myself of course, I would say that I generally don't like being taken to all-veg places. Feels like I'm making everyone else deal with my special needs. ;-) I prefer omnivorous places that are veggie-friendly, and there are plenty of those in the Montrose area. Would your friends be up for some of those options? I'm happy to share a list

    Field of Greens
    2320 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

    1. Field of Greens is an excellent restaurant to take vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends. They do have a few non-vegetarian options so everyone should be happy.

      Their menu is extensive and all of their mock meat dishes are tasty and good. I, personally, like the environment there. Artwork on the walls and a quiet spot to catch up with friends.

      By the way, next door is a lovely tea shop for a cup post lunch/dinner. They also have an extensive list of teas that would satisfy anyone.

      Lastly, Field of Greens is not a macrobiotic restaurant but they offer a macrobiotic plate, which I often get.


      Field of Greens
      2320 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

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        Thanks WtotheN and Lily; I was panicking last week when I wrote that post, trying to find something that was vegetarian for my friend, while also wanting a really nice dining experience. And, as one of you said, I do hate to go to an all-veg place when the others in the group aren't vegetarian at all.

        I spent over an hour on the internet and a few phone calls, and we wound up at Hugo's. Loved it! I wouldn't give it a "10" but definitely an 8+ and I'm definitely going back (when the budget allows for another fine dining experience).

        Loved the decor and ambience. A bit dark for us (we're all over 50), but that's quibbling. The service was excellent - caring without being obtrusive - and that goes from the receptionist on the phone, right through to the valet parking afterwards.

        Still not sure if the ceviche de atun was right, but it was an adventure. My friends both had wonderful looking salads. The Veg had the vegetable platter and loved it - I knew to recommend it because i've had the similar thing twice at Backstreet. I had the chiles rellenos and it was delicious. The chiles seemed a bit "tough" (like maybe they should have been cooked some more?) but otherwise the dish was excellent.

        I skipped dessert but my friend's churros with hot chocolate looked incredibly tasty.

        1602 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

        1. re: rrrich7

          Thanks for the report! Glad you enjoyed Hugo's