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Nov 26, 2010 08:24 AM

Reusing pre-baked pie crust for Turkey Pot Pie -- will this work?

Let me know your thoughts on this one. I pre-baked a couple butter crusts for pies that I didn't end up using yesterday. Want to make some sort of turkey pot pie today with leftovers--would it work to just layer chunks of this pie crust over a turkey casserole type concoction?

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  1. Two thoughts....

    * Just because it won't look pretty doesn't mean it won't taste good.

    * Open Pot Pie

    1. Are these 8 - 9 inch pie crusts or smaller individual size shells?

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      1. re: todao

        They are kind of scrappily made tart bottoms (hey, what can I say, I am not a baker!). My thought was to mix up all the turkey pot pie filling and throw chunks of this crust on the top. But I could always buy some puff pastry...

      2. It sounds like an excellent idea. You'll be sure that the crust won't be soggy. Just be sure to heat the pie at a low enought temperature that they don't get too dark. You're making my mouth water.