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Nov 26, 2010 08:19 AM

Liquid Diet recommendations for 7 days [Moved from Ontario]

My husband needs to have dental work done, which will prohibit solid foods for a week. I will be doing some pureed soups and smoothies, but would anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced, nutritious natural product that could replace his meals for that week? Added bonus would be detox, though we'd rather not go the the extreme of Master Cleanse, as he is rather addicted to coffee! :)

Thanks for your help -

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  1. Scrambled eggs..yogurt w/ flax seeds (crushed in your coffee/spice grinder)..
    Good luck with the operation...a glass of wine or two comes to mind having been there


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      Great idea with the flax seed - we use it on our cereal, so now we'll just toss it in the smoothie...

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        You can also grind flax and oatmeal in a blender and then proceed making a smoothie.

      2. Ski break beat me to the ground flax...awesome nutrition there AND's a list of good cleansing foods...I was going to suggest avocado also for the smoothies and lo and behold, there it is on the list. Raw garlic is has tremendous anti-biotic properties too but it easier to swallow from back of the tongue, not in a smoothie but there it is also on the list. Hope he's feeling better soon!

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          Val, thanks for the link, and the great tips. I remember as a teenager being on a raw garlic kick to fight off colds - that's a good reminder!

        2. There are meal replacement and meal supplement drinks that hospitals and nursing homes give to patients. They are on par with diet 'shakes' and beverages, containing vitamins, set calories and fiber for an adult meal.

          My mom liked the vanilla for my dad, because she could blend it up with fruit or coffee to enhance the flavor.

          Those are sold on store shelves in America and I would think so also in Canada.

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            Good plan, Cathy - i'll check the drug store for mixes to supplement things. Thanks.