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Nov 26, 2010 07:04 AM

[Melbourne] Chowdown with a Canuck

Hi wonderful people,
I'll be in Melbourne next week and I was wondering who would be down for a chowmeet on Saturday, December 4th? I was thinking Charcoal Lane, 7pm.

Also, Queen Victoria Market - better to visit very early, or is it the same throughout the day? Weekend vs. Weekday? (asking because I was strongly advised to go to the Sydney Fish Market on Monday rather than Saturday due to crowds)
I heard Wed night is the best for the night market, but I don't think I'll be around on a Wednesday night :(

I could be wrong, but it seems like the only thing to really do in Melbourne is eat, eat, eat. Not complaining cause that's what I love - but I am finding more places to eat than to see which is throwing an odd dilemma into my itinerary planning. Same with Adelaide! I have little time for planning @_@

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  1. Stop by Rumi, I had a lovely meal there....

    1. My view is definitely go to the market on a Saturday mid-morning. Sure there is a crowd but the atmosphere is better. Make sure you have a bratwurst with sauerkraut from the Bratwurst Shop. Best hang-over cure in Melbourne!

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        I've always gotten the borek from next door to the bratwurst shop. So tasty and SO CHEAP! $2.50 each.

      2. I just went to Vic Market at 6 am on a weekday and it was great, great for talking to the sellers and seeing what is there. things are just being set up, maybe 7 am is a little better if you want people around but not heaps of people. Closed on Mon and Weds

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        yup Melbourne is great for eating.

        1. Well, besides eating you can also drink coffee. Melbourne has some of the best cafes in Australia. Proud Mary, Dead Man Espresso, Seven Seeds, Cup of Truth, Three Bags Full, the list goes on and on. You can even combine a market and good coffee - Padre at South Melbourne Market, or Jasper at the Prahran Market are both excellent.

          Besides the food, I'd recommend taking the trams, Melbourne has one of the best tram systems in the world - better than Amsterdam IMO. Take the free "Circle Tram" (#35) around the CBD and visit various attractions while you're there.

          Melbourne is also great for art and culture. Check out the NGV and then the NGVA at Federation Square. Then afterwards head over to Movida for some of the best Tapas in Melbourne. While you're at Fed Square you can see what's playing at the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI.)

          Melbourne's also great for architecture, but since this is Chow I'll just see you on the 4th. :)