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Nov 26, 2010 06:38 AM

EMP tasting menu is back?

I just saw on EMPs website that they still do the 4 course grid for $125. But now it says a tasting for $195. I guess they brought back the tasting format. Anyone done it? Is it basically the same style as it used to be?

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  1. Did it two weeks ago, this is what was on the menu. It was 4 hours of eating bliss:

    The small dishes:
    Chive breads with Chicken Broth
    Marshmellows with Goat Cheese Lollipop
    Hamachi + Scallops
    An egg with sturgeon caviar + Mushrooms

    The Main Dishes:
    Foie Gras Terraine
    John Dory
    Sou vide & roasted Squab

    Petit Fours

    It was really good.

    Some pictures

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    1. re: tdx

      Were you able to choose any of your courses?

    2. I'm going to EMP in a week and a half, and also curious as to how the tasting works. Heard rumours that they ask what you like and make a dish based around it?

      I'm assuming the 4 courses at $125 actually has pre-determined dishes?

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      1. re: miketoronto

        The 4 course dinner does have pre-determined dishes that Chef will adjust if there is something that you don't like/eat. For example, my sister doesn't eat any pork; the kitchen adjusted the foie gras course to omit the pork.

        1. re: ellenost

          We didn't choose any specific courses and left it to them to decide. They did ask if there's anything we were allergic to. Based on that, they served us the above.