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Nov 26, 2010 05:41 AM

Why are we "managed" this board by som done from Toronto? [moved from Seattle board]

I stumbled in to this Seattle board , and ketch my eye the " rules of Jaquelynne" from Toronto.?
I wondering why we are managed by someone from Toronto ?
I love Toronto by the way , but find it odd why we don't have some one here who actually know this town ?

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  1. what does it matter where the moderator is from?

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    1. re: thew

      Because she has no local knowledge nor vested connection to this town, the people and to the subculture, tha's why .. Nothing against Toronto , but I for sure don't know much nor relate to the people much as some one who native there... Not that hard to get this is it?

      1. re: Tamas52

        You also need to know that local issues that arise are often reported to the Moderation Team from local posters who first see the "problem post" and use the "Report" button to let the Mod's know what is wrong with the post in question.

    2. Moderating is more about what's being posted than the actual city it's being posted in.

      I"m not a moderator but I always figured they're there to make sure things stay on topic and appropriate. I don't think the location of the moderator makes a difference when it comes to that.

      BTW - i admire anyone that moderates forums, it's a tough job and not everyone will be happy with thier decisions. You need thick skin for moderating. My thanks to all the mods on Chow!

      1. I posted those threads because I'm the Community Manager for all of Chowhound -- basically the head moderator. Other boards have similar threads that I also posted.

        Assisting me is a team of volunteer moderators from around North America, as well as overseas. None of our moderators are assigned a specific set of boards or territories to monitor, but rather take action on rules violations across the site. While it's occasionally helpful to check with a moderator who is a local on a given board, for the most part, our decisions aren't dependent on geography or local knowledge.

        -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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        1. re: Jacquilynne

          hey i didn't know that all the mods work across the site and that there aren't assigned "zones," good info! seems like it would make it more balanced if some one(s) couldn't be territorial about their moderation.

          still, there are occasionally some "whoa, who's lookin' at my file" moments on the local boards.

        2. The information currently in the topic "New to the Seattle Board? Read this first" is mostly the same as in the similar topic on every other geographic board, with the exception of the third paragraph describing the geographical boundaries served by the board.

          What the Chowhound Team (the moderators) have done with other geographical boards is, they have solicited feedback from board members about location-specific information that can be added to their own "New to the XXX Board" topic. For an example, see the topic "New to the Chicago Board? Read this first" at and scroll down to the posts titled "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON THE CHICAGO BOARD" and "CHICAGO SPECIFICS". Those sections have information specific to Chicago, while most of the rest of that topic is similar to the topics about Seattle and other places.

          I bet if you have specific information specific to the Seattle area that would be appropriate to include in that topic, the Chowhound Team would be happy to consider posting it there if you forwarded it to them. You can send your suggestions to them at or you could post them here on Site Talk for their consideration.

          Disclaimer: I am not a moderator and I do not speak for the Chowhound Team.

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          1. re: nsxtasy

            That's funny. I asked that question at the time of the board split and you were the only response.