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Nov 26, 2010 05:41 AM

drinks before Bacchanalia Saturday night

Hey CH. Happy Thanksgiving.

Going to 9 p.m. Bacchanalia reservation next Saturday with out of town guest.
Any ideas for a fun place for a drink before (like 7:30), maybe in midtown or between Buckhead and midtown?
Nothing downtown because the SEC championship will be ending right about then.
Maybe Halo.

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  1. Halo doesn't open until 9 just found out.
    Whiskey Park at the W in midtown doesn't open until 8.

    1. You can do well at the bar at Abattoir (and walk over to Bacchanalia), and JCT is not bad either. Best option (IMHO) is Holeman & Finch, or the bar at Restaurant Eugene if you want a more quiet environment. Miller Union is also a good place for a drink. If you like tequila, you can do a lot worse than Bone Garden Cantina not far from Bacchanalia.

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      1. re: biskuit

        Is the 10 p.m. burger at Holeman and Finch really that good?
        Not that I'll have one Saturday night after Bacchanalia (I know they only make 24 and even if I wanted one I would be too late), but maybe another time.

        1. re: rcburli

          It's good, but I don't think it's beyond anyone with a hot Weber, good ground beef (Publix chuck, not necessariy grass-fed locavore), and about 5 minutes to cook.