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Nov 26, 2010 01:34 AM

Pizza al taglio, London

I am a great fan of pizza al taglio and am trying to find somewhere of exceptional quality in London. Am I being overly optimistic? I hope not.

I have recently tried adagio pizza al taglio in soho and was not impressed. ridiculous toppings and the much talked about dough was rather bland.

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  1. You should try Malleti Pizza in Clerkenwell. There's one in Soho as well I think.

    Great quality toppings in classic combos and a good crust.


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    1. re: NYLONDave

      Best pizza in London IMHO is Franco Manca in Brixton/Chiswick. Search for comments on this board.

      1. re: helen b

        NYLONDave; Not been able to try Maletti yet as it is closed on weekends and that is when I am mostly in London, it has been on my list for a while, look forward to it!

        Helen b: I too am rather keen on Franco Manca but what I am actually interested in getting a conversation going on about is Pizza al Taglio (pizza by the cut/slice).
        I.e I believe Pizza al taglio can also be of very high quality, some of the best pizza I have eaten has been Pizza al taglio in Rome. Beautiful beautiful snack-food when it is done properly.

        1. re: jack van praag

          Ah sorry, do Princi then! Though frankly for the same price you get an entire takeaway pizza from Franco Manca and just get them to cut it up ;)

    2. Is Spaccanapoli still open or has Crossrail gone and killed it? They used to have very good slices for London.

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        Crossrail killed Spaccanapoli. Fortunately, they all moved to Santore in Exmouth Market. Same happy pizza and antipasti.

        1. I noticed a place in Brixton Village market that was doing this, Has anyone been? Was it any good?

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            deansa, place in brixton village wasn't great the couple of times i tried it. Will definitely get to Maletti soon. I second the vote for Princi.