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Nov 25, 2010 04:24 PM

Good but not overly pricey place for lunch in Garden City?

I'm getting together with a few gal friends one day next week for lunch, and the designated venue is Garden City (to combine w/shopping). We're all on a budget to some degree and so none of us can afford to blow $25 each on a pricey lunch, but am looking for good food (no franchise c**p like Panera) with a reasonable menu range: light entrees, entree salads, etc, followed by a bit of dessert for those of us who can easily rationalize away the calories. ;-)

Any suggestions? Italian restaurants are out because one of us is allergic to both garlic and onion, so that'd be just asking for trouble. Not sure what day it will be other than not Monday.


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      1. re: jpf1980

        UpperCrust looks perfect, thanks! :-)

      2. La Bottega in Carle place or garden city south(both 5 mins from Roosevelt field mall) should work perfectly. Great and reasonable priced Panini's and salads.

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        1. re: jnab121

          I believe there is a La Bottega IN Roosevelt field now, above Burger King.

          La Bottega
          3216 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572

        2. Sushi Ya
          949 Franklin Ave
          Garden City, NY 11530