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Nov 25, 2010 03:09 PM

Any Thanksgiving 2010 Food Mishaps?


So - I usually make it through a holiday dinner without any issues. Of course, eventually that catches up with me, as it did today. :-)

Now I make a damn fine gravy, if I do say so myself. My sister abdicates all responsibility for gravy making if she's hosting a holiday dinner at her house...doesn't matter if it's chicken, turkey, or beef. There will be a "LINDA! When are you going to make the gravy?" holler if she's doing the majority of the cooking.

So today I'm in the kitchen dealing with final prep. Turkey breast, all lovely and brown, is resting on the carving platter. Potatoes are mashed, beans are steamed, glazed carrots are glazing....and I had three 1-cup containers of homemade chicken stock to add to to the roasting pan to bring to a boil and then simmer to get any roasty-toasty good bits from the bottom of the pan.

The first two containers of chicken stock get put into the roasting pan. The lid comes off the third one, and I look at it. Why does it look more "collagen-y" than usual? Almost as if it had gelled and then been shaken, so it looks....well, kinda lumpy. I look at the piece of masking tape on the side and damned if it doesn't say "chicken stock 04/10" on it. Okey-dokey. And in it goes. (Yes, I *know* I should have grabbed a spoon and tasted it!)

So - when homemade chicken stock gets reheated, it should melt, right? Ummm, yeah - not happening. So THAT'S when I grab a spoon and taste one of the "lumps". Oh CRAP. It's homemade applesauce!

"Stop stirring!" I say to my brother-in-law and grab the oven mitts. My sister sees me pick the roasting pan up from the burner and head over to the sink to dump it - "What did you do?" I mumbled "it was applesauce, not chicken stock" and she goes off into gales of laughter. Yeah, I'm not going to be allowed to forget this one!

Luckily, I had 3 more 1-cup containers of homemade stock (REALLY chicken stock!) in the downstairs freezer, so gravy was saved. My sister said in the midst of dinner "Mmmmm, this is REALLY good gravy...thankfully it's not applesauce gravy!" LOL

So - I had almost-applesauce gravy. Anyone else have a food mishap?

  1. This is a great topic. We had a gravy mishap too! What was thought to be flour being stirred into the gravy was instead -- powdered sugar! The gravy was, in a word, sweet. It actually tasted ok on the sausage stuffing; it was a bit like breakfast food.

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      Whoopsie. ;-) Yes, my applesauce gravy would have been sweet as well - but not as sweet as powdered sugar gravy! :-)

    2. i got REALLY lucky this year and the closest i had to a mishap was keeping the skins on some of my mashed potatoes (which I happen to think is the BEST way to make mashed potatoes, but it was a mis-step because some of my family doesnt agree with me on this point)

      1. Almost burned the homemade gluten free bread for the dressing, but luckily had set the timer five minutes less than the shortest cooking time given. So, only had to pick off the darker crusty bits, and all was fine, really, in the scope of things. Accidentally dumped a few tablespoons of stock in the bottom of the oven, but hey, I was going to clean it anyway. Just glad I didn't have to bake gluten free bread two times.

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