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Nov 25, 2010 02:58 PM

Bolet's Burrito - Solid Burrito in No-Frills Type of Surrounds

After months of walking by the sign, popped into Bolet's Burrito (a bit apprehensively) in the name of supporting a local joint. (Lower Sherbourne just south of Front and just north of the Esplanade)

The surrounds are no frills but the burrito was solid - and cheap. Style is very similar to Burrito Boyz and about 40% less in terms of price.

(Burrito Boyz has been my preference in TO - we don't need to compare relative to other cities, as has been done often on this board. My issue with the ZTeca and Freshwest type places are the fast food style tubs of meat that arent cooked to order. Even if they turn over in a few minutes, I want to have the feeling that my whole burrito (incl meat) is being grilled fresh for me.)

Same kind of made to order style on the grill, nearly identical, generously stuffed toppings (plus sweet potato). I had the daily special - tuna melt (I know, not classic Mexican but still good) - for 4.99. 1/4 Mexican chicken plus rice past 3 pm is also sold for 3.99. I will return over the next few weeks to try a meatier option without having to wait in line for 20 minutes or more for something similar at Boyz.

Bolet's may very well be a good DT East hideaway.

In case you're interested, they also have a 4 or so bar 2-person bar tables if you want to sit for a few.

Burrito Boyz
218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H1W7, CA

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  1. When to this place a couple days ago. Bought a large burrito and it was massive and very tasty. I would recommend this place as well.

    1. People, we need to spread the word about Bolet's Burrito! I am a burrito aficionado, and while I love Burrito Boyz, Chipotle, Burrito Bandidos, etc. I would wager to say this is Toronto's BEST burrito!!! Why? Tons of fresh ingredients, grilled, massive (great value!), flavourful, and they're not afraid to throw some heat at ya. Real heat!! And I'm scared they're going to disappear, cause it seems like they're empty 90% of the time (bad location).

      Anyway, it really is a fantastic spot, and it seems like a family-run place. And, yes, that family appears to actually be from South or Central America. That's important.

      Burrito Boyz
      218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H1W7, CA

      1. Silly question--liquor licensed?

        1. Yes! I agree this place is a great find and deserves lots of support. I posted about it back in April when it opened but nobody else had found it yet, it seems. The people who run Bolet's are extremely friendly and personable, and they take they take a lot of care, using fresh ingredients and cooking almost everything to order -- no mounds of food moldering in warming trays at this place. I'm a big fan of both their steak and fish burritos. The large size is enormous, two people with moderate appetites can easily split one for a lunch. Has anyone tried the quarter chicken with rice meal they're always advertising on the sandwich board?

          But sorry Ediblethoughs, no liquor license -- this is strictly a takeout spot with a few small tables and stools if you decide to eat inside.

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          1. re: Gary

            Figured that. I just can't get there for lunch so it's a dinner stop and I like to eat in a place----and wine is a must. (I'm sad that way.)

          2. Anyone know the hours by chance... Tried to find a website for them but I couldn`t. Thinking of going this weekend as will be in the area

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            1. re: ylsf

              Hours: Mon-Wed 11-7, Thu-Fri 11-8:30, Sat 12-6, closed Sun.

                1. re: Jazminsdaddy

                  I went today at lunch for the first time. Excellent burrito with very fresh ingredients. Very personable, friendly staff. But I did get the impression from them that business could be better. Given the quality and the price, Bolet's should be frequented. I did learn they are no longer open on Sundays, due to lack of business.

                  1. re: alvino

                    And don't forget *quanitity*!! Their small bean and cheese is enormous! And so good! It's really too bad that they're in such a poor location, otherwise I bet they would be flourishing.