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Nov 25, 2010 10:23 AM


anyone tried it yet??

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    1. It just opened and is Parasole Holdings Co. restaurant. From what I see on their web site they are doing all the right things for a wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza. I haven't been there yet but certainly will check it out.

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        they've got some yummy looking pizza photos. I'm not loving that they are wearing latex gloves though for making the mozzarella........hope that was just for the photo, I'm allergic to latex.

      2. They have a great selection of beer. The food in my opinion is awful....can't really understand why anyone would think people would want to eat a glob (as big as a small fist) of glue-like cold homemade cheese that is absolutely tasteless. They feature the homemade mozzarella as if it were something great--it isn't. The pizza is also's covered in a cream cheese-like spread instead of red sauce. And, you can forget about ordering just a plate of pasta and sauce--not offered. Menu is limited and odd. I was very disappointed!! It has a wonderful atmosphere...maybe they can fix the menu??

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          Was it jenniegirl who was looking for pizza with a cream cheese topping like she remembers from Rochester? Hmmmm...I wonder if this pizza would fit the bill? I'm curious!

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            Out of the 10 pizzas on the menu, maybe one has a cream-base sauce instead of a red one. It seems like a strange way to characterize their pizza. Although we found it to be a bit bland. And there were two pastas, we tried a gnocchi with marinara and a penne bolo, which were both rather 'meh' but it was day 2 of operation.

          2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Taste section did a review on Mozza Mia today and gave it a generally good review of 2-1/2 stars. We went tonight and tried two of their pizzas. I thought they were very good.

            1. went once. didnt hate it but am not really motivated to go back. edina pricey. fair to pretty good overall but not great

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                I do not live in Edina and am pretty sensitive to price, and I didn't think this was pricey at all.

                I've been there a few times. I prefer the Italian Tuna with Cannellini Beans Bruscetta over the pizza, but the Margherita is pretty good. I wish they would offer something besides prosciutto rollatini, as I won't eat pork. They recently started opening for lunch. The fries look amazing, but we didn't try them yet. Good house salad. I liked the smaller version of the pizza, it worked well for an appetizer. My friend had the meatball sliders. She said they were good, but she would not order them again.

                I've been there 6 times and never had dessert. I am very much a dessert person, but they don't really appeal to me.