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Special New Year's Eve Dinner for Two?

No criteria to this one at all... just looking for suggestions for a really special and fun NYE champagne dinner for two. Only thing to avoid is the obnoxious supper-club atmosphere. Otherwise, I'm looking for any extraoridinary recommendations in all price ranges. It doesn't even have to be central Montreal but anywhere within an hour's drive in all directions! I want to spend a really memorable NYE with my girlfriend and I'm drawing blanks so any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Although a great multi-course tasting menu with champagne would be fantastic and if there's any really unique offerings, like a special chef's table or something, that'd be perfect! Extra points for atmosphere!

    1. Replying to my own post again... Has anyone ever done the Chef's Table at Europea?

      If so, could you please comment on price, menu, courses, service, etc?

      This one's a consideration...


      1. they are advertising an event at les 400 coups

        1. I've heard great things about the new year's eve dinner at Beaver Club from relatives who went last year.

          However, depending on your age, you might feel the crowd a bit old

          1. My husband has a friend whose husband cooks at Au Petit Extra. They're doing an interesting looking New Year's Eve dinner at 55/a head and looks to be five courses. We're thinking of checking that out but of course, caveat emptor and all that...

            1. I love the Beaver Club but I think it's a bit too formal and old fasioned for NYE. Are there any great restaurants with views, like the Jules Verne in Paris but with inventive menus? Or unusual dinner places that are "more" than just a dining room without falling into any gimmicky/novelty/theatrical territory. There's a great place in Vermont just outside of Stowe where you can eat in an old reconstructed mill over private falls. Something along the lines of this only geared towards our city. I can't seem to think of anything like that... Europea is a fall-back because it'd seem like a great dining room to spend NYE dinner and a drawn-out tasting menu with champagne would be great. Does anyone know if they're offering a special fixed menu for the ocassion?

              1. How about Nuances at the Casino. Great view, must be lots of fun. I have not been but maybe someone else can comment on it.


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                  Thanks for the suggestion but I definitely wouldn't want to spend NYE (or anytime really) at the Casino... don't think my gf would like that much either! I can't imagine the food being all that great either given the market they're catering to. I find the Montreal Casino rather depressing personally, even though the island is beautiful.

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                    The restaurant Nuance is supposed to be good.

                2. XO Le Restaurant is doing a $225 meal.

                  I just checked the Au Petit Extra website and it says that the meal will be 4 courses and $60 with menu coming soon.

                  XO Le Restaurant
                  355, Saint -Jacques street, Montreal, QC H2Y 1N9, CA

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                    XO sounds like it could be nice... I wonder what the $225 menu will look like and if it's the only option for NYE? Are drinks included with the price or extra?

                    For the same cost per person, there's always the chef's table at Europea or the full tasting menu with wine pairings. Tough call!

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                      The XO menu for NYE is posted online already and frankly, it doesn't sound all that impressive to me (scroll down to the 3rd page):


                      Are each of the food rows above listed as options for dinner servings or separate courses? I'm guessing it's all inclusive, and I see no mention of wine or champagne anywhere but frankly the salmon, surf & turf, etc. sounds kind of boring imo. I'm trying to figure how the $225 cost factors in?? It says there will be "live animation" whatever that means... I'm a bit skeptical for the cost and the menu doesn't really appeal for what they're charging.

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                        The $225 cost factors in cause it's NYE, bud.

                  2. you should check out AIX. my family went there a in 08' for NYE and they really enjoyed it.

                    1. aw, that's so nice! what about Ste. Adèle? It's barely an hour away, soooo beautiful around New Year's, and maybe there's a special if you stay a night or two at L'Eau à la bouche:

                      1. Hi Oliver,
                        We have celebrated NYE for the last two years at L'Express and it has been wonderful. Boozy, lovely, wonderful. The food is the same standard they are known for. Champagne for everyone to count down and glasses raised, a common toast between all the very well fed patrons. Cheers! They do not take reservations up until a few days before so it is a risk but well worth it.
                        Whever you go, have a wonderful time,

                        L'Express Restaurant
                        3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

                        1. Thanks everyone... L'Eau a la Bouche sounds great!!

                          My folks have a vacant country home nearby and I've never been to the restaurant before so I may consider that one! My gf might want to stick around the city though and party with friends so I've got a res at Europea just in case.

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                            I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations along the lines of the original post for this year?

                            OliverB - what did you end up doing and how was it?


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                              Sorry for the late response... and Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!

                              We ended up at XO last year and had a lot of fun because we were a large group of friends, despite the initial request for two. We were not impressed with the meal however, and NYE aside, felt it grossly overpriced and lacking in all aspects of the culinary dept. and I couldn't recommend it.

                              This year, I have res. for four at Le Club Chasse et Peche, which indeed fits all of the above criteria, and should be a much better choice. They're doing an eight-course fixed-prix menu for $130 plus wine pairing at additional $80 - so figure $285 with tax/tip. It kicks off at 8:30pm and I assume goes until midnight. Complimentary champagne and extras included.

                              Would love to find a menu posted online though. They've not advertised this anywhere for some reason. Maybe they've already sold all tables?