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Nov 25, 2010 08:30 AM

Bacchus Roti... Some Sad Changes To My Favourite Dishes

For the last few years my go-to lunch/hangover cure has been 3 Samosas and a Bowl of Chicken and Ginger soup from Bacchus Roti on Queen West...

So much so that I guess it became my favourite comfort food (I have a lot of hangovers in my job)

Yesterday I was dismayed to discover that they had changed the recipe for the soup entirely... to something, whilst not unpleasant, nowhere near the levels of umami deliciousness previously.

And then my Samosas arrived... they were so very greasy and filled with tasteless textured soy protein... almost inedible. Previously they were filled with potatoes, carrots, and peas.

When I asked the lovely fellow about the new recipes I was told that they are so many customers who come in asking for soup but are lactose intolerant... hence the move to a different recipe that doesn't include cream.

Annnnnnnnd... on the subject of the samosas... apparently there are many customers who would like samosas but are cutting back on their carbs... hence the move to the new samosas, from a different supplier. Packed full of TVP "so people can have more protein"

I am truly heartbroken.

It's political correctness gone mad!

Well, not really... but I am so upset that other folk's dietary restrictions have taken away my favourite yummy hangover cure/comfort food.

I love the folks at Bacchus... but PLEASE bring back my soup and samosas.

I beg of you.

Bacchus Roti Shop
1376 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K1L7, CA

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  1. that's so sad!
    i hope nothing has happened to their special rotis.

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    1. re: chocabot

      I Know that it is a takeout only, but Roti Lady across the street is far superior, although I don't know about the soup.

      1. re: erly

        i've heard she's good and want to try.
        What I like so much about Bacchus is they put squash and spinach in addition to the meat filling.

        1. re: chocabot

          They have been going slowly downhill since the late 80s when they were a tiny shop on Close Ave.

          1. re: koknia

            I don't actually know any West Indians who eat there! That soup sounds good. Ali's might have something like it?

            1. re: albanis

              I know... but I just LOVED the soup and samosas!

              1. re: Non Doctor


                My GF just returned home with some of the chicken and ginger soup...

                ...and they have reverted back to the old recipe!