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Nov 25, 2010 08:22 AM

No Frills in Edmonton

This was in the Journal today. First No Frills to open in Edmonton. I know my friend loves the one in Morinville, and says she sometimes gets better deals there than at Superstore.
15411 97 St

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  1. It's OK. It seems a lot of things are considered "frills" like fresh bread, or knox gelatin. I hesitate to go there, not knowing if they'll have what I need. They also seem to try too hard not to compete with superstore by not offering larger size formats. Frozen chicken breast comes in a 6 pack as the largest and compared to what i normally buy, the tobasco looked like a novelty size...

    On the upside, their gas station is very quick pay at the pump. I appreciate not being harassed for a carwash, or a points card, etc.

    1. strathmores extra foods turned into no frills,bah, i totally miss extra foods,no frills sucks .