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Nov 25, 2010 06:41 AM

What to serve with gnocchi

So my guy is coming over for dinner tomorrow night, so I plan on making gnocchi, but am not sure what to serve with it. Chocolate pudding is for dessert. I have some kosher chicken pieces (with skin and bone) in the fridge, so I might like to use them, but not sure what would go well with gnocchi.

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  1. My wife of Italian heritage would have 'gravy' (I call it 'sauce') ready to cover the gnocchi. What are you going to serve as a vegetable? Salad would work, but use romaine instead of iceberg lettuce. Italians traditionally eat salad as the last course before 'i dolci' (desserts).

    Buon appetito e mangia bene!

    1. It depends how you cook the gnocchi. If you plan to boil it then you would serve it in a tomato sauce like a pasta. If instead you plan to pan fry it until crispy you can serve it as a side dish as you would serve potatoes. If you pan fry them you could oven roast the chicken pieces and serve a vegetable alongside the chicken and gnocchi. I would probably deglaze the chicken pan with a little white wine and throw in some nice herbs and reduce until you have a nice sauce.

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        any sauce, not just tomato works. also as a starch to go with any braise or stew works

      2. Potato gnocchi are identical to (German) potato dumplings save for shape and the cube of bread that is traditionally in the middle of the Kartoffelkloesschen. So they go very well with roast duck, pot roast, sauerbraten, goulash, or any other braised meat.

        1. How about a gorgonzola cream sauce? it would be kind of rich, but would work well with both the chicken and the gnocchi...Of course it doesn't have to be gorgonzola, could used some good parm, romano or a combo of cheeses...

          1. Maybe use the gnocchi as an app? 4 or 5 gnocchi pan fried w/ marjorum in a puddle of chicken broth and cubes of roasted squash.

            Then use the chicken pieces for the main? Roasted with a mushroom and mint polenta or couscous?

            EDIT: maybe toss some braised kale in there for some 'roughage'? LOL