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Nov 25, 2010 06:36 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

Whether you're running by Hoovers for a Meat n 3 or slaving over a standing prime, hope everybody out there has a safe and happy Thanksgiving

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  1. What we did for turkey this year. Even gets a MPH endorsement!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Scrumptious! Happy Thanksgiving, fellow 'hounds!

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    1. re: tom in austin

      How did it turn out, Tom?

      I'm just now pulling my turkey out of the brine to rinse, dry, and bring to room temp. The oven will be set at 500 deg for the first half hour.

      1. re: rudeboy

        I normally do the overnight brine. We thought we'd take it easy this year. Brining, disemboweling, stuffing, and cooking is a lot of fun, but messy and time consuming.

        The turkey rocked. I'll be picking at this thing for the next couple days. To prevent too much culture shock, I split the thing down the middle and prepped half of it in the oven. Was good both hot and cool.

        I give it an A, maybe A-. I missed the moistness of a perfectly prepared, brined, butter-under-the-skin, fruit-and-spice-stuffed turkey. That being said, that perfect turkey isn't what you get when you visit folks, and sometimes it is hard to pull off at home. The smoke flavor was great, though, and it was hard to beat the convenience. Thinking back, this was probably the second or third best Thanksgiving turkey experience I've ever had.

        I will say that this is much more appetizing as leftovers. I'll be picking at the remainder for the next day or two. Yum!

      2. re: tom in austin

        I would be interested in your experiences with the Tyler turkey. We came close to getting one but since we are not having guests, we went with prime ribs.( We basically are not turkey people. Sometimes we have rack of lamb, sometimes tabouli, kibbee, etc). Their turkeys look very good though. Happy Holidays to all regardless of your choice of dead animal to eat. (This is America, you know)

        1. re: singlemalt

          I generally could take or leave Thanksgiving turkey and usually feel that it is a chore to eat when I'm visiting relations for the big day. This thing was good; you should give it a try!