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Nov 25, 2010 06:36 AM

Durian creme brulee at Jack's Bistro in Baltimore!!

Wow! If you are a durian fan (which actually I am not!) Jack's Bistro is featuring it in a special limited time dessert of Durian Creme Brulee. My durian fanatic friends gave it a huge thumbs up for texture and flavor. People either love durian or hate it. I personally think it smells like hot trash. but if you are a fan I would head up there soon and partake in some durian creme brulee!

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

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  1. I remember reading about that in the Urbanite a while back. Thanks for the scoop. I wanna go try it!

    edit: Found the article:

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      Finally had it. If you like stinky cheese (which I do) then you might like it (which I did.) I can see how someone not knowing what to expect would be turned off, although I'll bet that this is one of the milder applications of durian. The cool thing was that the taste took me back to a childhood trip to Malaysia with my family. Wasn't expecting that. Funny how senses work.

      Another funky dish also turned out great: The crispy-sous vide porkbelly app with ranch ice cream and arugula. Sounds ridiculous but as good as the pork was, when you mixed it with the ice cream the whole thing took on a totally unique and new flavor. Plus the weird hot-cold temperature "texture" was fun. A really awesome dish.

      The sweet cream grits and peppery white sausage gravy that came with the duck confit was also fantastic. If I lived down the street from this place I'd be in trouble.