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Nov 25, 2010 05:50 AM

Christmas Dinner ? Oakville/Burlington

We have just discovered we will have to be in Burlington on the 25th of December. We've booked ourselves into the Quaity Inn on Walker's Line and DO NOT know the area.

We are looking for ANYTHING open serving Christmas DInner. Although the Inn staff recommened Jake's Grill, attached to the Hotel, I've called and they are not open and had no further suggestions.

Anybody got any ideas?

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  1. Probably going to end up being a game time decision depending solely on what is open. Try the Chinese food places maybe? Failing that I would buy groceries ahead of time and ask the hotel staff if you can use the microwave in their staff lounge. Or order pizza? I would usually direct you to try the concierge at your hotel or another decent hotel in the area but those are also sadly lacking...

    1. The Lord Nelson is open Christmas Day but is very close to being absolutely booked already - probably even running a waiting list right now. But you could call them 905-632-3463 the website is They have a shortened a-la-carte menu and full turkey as well. They are also open Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Inside of 10 minutes from Jake's.

      You could also try Spencer's at the Waterfront 905-633-7494 I'm not 100% that they are open but they are part of the Old Mill group (as in Ancaster Old Mill) and I know for sure Ancaster Old Mill is open Christmas Day it would be about a half-hour drive from Oakville depending on weather.

      Honey West in Burlington *might* be open, hmmm, I seem to think they might be open for the after-dinner crowd because it's a Saturday - their number is 905-634-7999. Worth a call anyways.

      You could try Walker's Fish Market, don't know if they are open or not, but again quite close to Jake's.

      Hope this helps a little!

      Oh - you could always call ahead and ask Nick if you could get a couple of turkey dinners to go... the problem is lack of space not lack of turkey LOL especially if you ordered ahead...

      1. Holiday Inn at Bronte and QEW has Xmas Buffet.

        1. Russel williams is open on Plaines Rd in Burlington. Been around for years, a lot of poeople go every year for xmas dinner.