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Nov 25, 2010 04:59 AM

Turkey breast in slow cooker question

I have a turkey breast cooking in my slow cooker. While it fits without lifting the lid, I've noticed it's touching the lid. This this going to affect the cooking? For safety, should I risk drying it out by cooking it to a higher temp?

Alas, this is my first Thanksgiving, and so I thought I was playing it safe by using the slow cooker!

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  1. There's a thread about this over on the home cooking board -- consensus is that cooking in the slow cooker isn't a good thing -- it'll turn out stringy and kind of bland.

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      Never had a turkey breast come out stringy in my crockpot, but then I had extras like a stick of butter, onions, and celery inside the cavity.

    2. I hope this turns out well. It's not a conventional way to cook a lean poultry cut, but I can't say I've tried it to check. Do you have a food thermometer to check the temperature?

      If it's a whole breast with bone-in and skin on, you might cook it until almost done, then take it out, brush some vegetable oil on it, and blast it for 15 minutes or so in a hot (e.g., 400 degree) oven to brown the skin. You might also take the crockpot drippings and simmer them down a bit in an open skillet in order to have a start on a gravy base. If these ideas interest you, I can give some more step-by-step tips.