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Nov 25, 2010 04:49 AM

Seeking Morristown Recommendations for dinner

Hello folks,

I will be staying in downtown Morristown coming up and was looking for some dinner recommendations. It looks like the restaurants in and near my hotel are a bit on the expensive side. I was hoping for some recommendations, even outside of the downtown area where I may be able to pickup a quality, but casual and inexpensive dinner (Under $15). In terms of what I like, the only thing I don't eat is sushi and Indian so all other types of cuisine are good. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Your price range does put some of the best places in town out of reach. If I was watching my budget I would head to Suvio's, Sal has great food and reasonable prices, great Pizza, salads and traditional "red sauce" Italian dishes

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      Back in the 80s when Suvio's opened, it produced one of the best pizzas on the planet (and won awards left and right). These days, though, it's a far cry from it's former glory. Over the years, the thickness factor has increased (thicker skins require less training/experience to open) and the temps on the oven have dropped (less fuel costs). This combination is the kiss of death for NY style pizza as it produces less oven spring and more of a bready crumb than a puffy/chewy one. The sauce, although a bit salty, is the same work of art that they had from the get go, but it's not enough to make up for the downward spiral the crust has taken.

      The pizza can still be good, but it depends on who's making it. Sal knows what he's doing, but it's pretty rare to see him making pies. Dom is a master at his craft, but Dom's not there every day. Everyone else is pretty much clueless.

      As far as the non pizzeria items go, I learned my lesson a long time ago to never buy anything but pizza in a pizzeria, but I have relatives with masochistic tendencies who've ordered some of the worst salads I've ever seen/tasted. Suvio's used to do an okay antipasto, but, like the award winning crust, that was years ago. I've never tasted the pasta dishes, but I have had the 'red sauce' with the mozzarella sticks and it was abysmal.

      I have to admit that, thanks to growing up eating Suvio's, I have very high expectations when it comes pizza. If someone less familiar with NY style pizza were to be visiting the area, sure, it might be worth the trip. For me, though, I shed a tear every time I drive by.

    2. Raul's Empanada Town on Morris Street!!! Just down the hill from The Green, which is the town square. Seriously delicious, TOTALLY casual. The emps are all of $3-6 (?) each and are excellent, imo!

      Famished Frog isn't a culinary wonder but you can get passable sandwiches and sit at a table or the bar.

      Jersey Boys Bagels on South Street for the obvious

      It will help to know if you'll have a car for additional recs...

      Famished Frog
      14 Washington St, Morristown, NJ 07960

      1. Dinner for under $15 is going to be a little tough in Morristown. That said, these would be my choices where you might come close.

        Marjan Persian Grill on Speedwell Ave - across the streett from the Hyatt
        Dublin Pub on Pine St.
        Andaman Sea Thai - across from the train station
        There's a new Mexican place around the corner from Andaman Sea. Haven't been yet, but might fit your budget.
        Portofino on Mills St. - another old school Italian place.

        Dublin Pub Restaurant
        4 Pine St, Morristown, NJ 07960

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          Thanks for all the help so far, folks. Yes, I will have a car so I can travel outside of downtown as well.

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            guerroros is really good on south street and roots will open next month so that should be great

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              Since you have a car, you can take Rt 202 north into Morris Plains and go to Arthurs for an awesome burger, or right next door to Arthurs, Monday is Lobster Night at Collins for $11.95.

          2. Agree re: Arthur's...great value there. Also in Morris Plains is Tiffany's (ribs/sandwiches/sports bar) and next to it is some v. good Chinese food at Hunan.

            I'd also recommend going in the other direction (South St to Rt 124 East in to Madison, where you'll find Nicky's Firehouse (Pizza + sandwiches--and BYO) or David's Rumba Cafe (odd name, decent Mexican food).

            1. Where is Roots opening? At the site ot the former Valentino's?

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                No, in the new complex where Epstein's used to be - right on the Green.