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Nov 25, 2010 04:24 AM

HELP quick! GE brined turkey question

Making the GE brined turkey for husband and family (not for me I have a lovely easy tofurkey:)

It is brined and ready for prep, his instrux for the 'aromatics' has you nuke the apples and onions and water for 5 min then put in the turkey -?? Do you spoon the boiling hot mush into the turkey or should it cool down. He doesn't mention this ??


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  1. In the video below, he removed the nuked apple and onion and the added a cinnamon stick and sya to let it steep a minute. He then talks for a bit and then uses tongs to pick out what goes in the bird.

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      Thank you so much, just at that point right now:):)

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        You're welcome. Hope it all came out ok - even with my typos. :-)