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Nov 24, 2010 08:17 PM

Reveillon dinners

Does anyone have an opinion on which are the best of the reveillon dinners? With so many to choose from, I don't know where to start! Thanks!

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  1. Just keeping an eye on this thread. I'll be visiting NOLA for 1 week from Dec. 27th thru the new year. This will be my first opportunity to enjoy a reveillon dinner. Our family of 4 has NO IDEA where to begin. We are traveling w/ my 18 yr son & his girlfriend. He's a chowhound (just like mom & dad).

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      I have never attended one of these dinners but here's the link:
      At first glance, I like Brennan's and the Hunt Room Grill.

      1. Hard to beat the Grill Room for the price. $38

        1. I've enjoyed great Reveillon dinners at the Pelican Club for the past several years, but this year I think the Martinique menu looks especially good, as does the Mimi's menu. Thanks for posting that Paz.