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Nov 24, 2010 07:42 PM

Alert: Trader Joe Kosher Turkey

Today I washed my Kosher turkey to air dry in fridge. Because of CH, I was warned there could be some feather thingies to pluck off -- got that taken care of.

I went inside turkey to pull "stuff" out and they only thing in there was a neck. I looked in every cavity, looking for the "innards" packet. (I always throw this out, do NOT like giblet gravy but I was worried that it had to be in there somewhere since it's always inside turkeys -- right? -- and I didn't want to roast it inside the turkey.

I decided to call TJ and the guy didn't know but said he'd find out and call me back. What he did was call the supplier and they told him their turkeys came only with the neck. Fine with me but I'm sure others will be surprised when they discover missing parts.

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  1. Don't know about the TJ branded kosher turkey, BUT it is very common on frozen kosher turkeys to see the labeling "SOME GIBLETS MISSING"

    The last 3 kosher frozen turkeys I made, Empire, Aarons and a 3rd brand I don't recall varied in the giblets provided. All had necks, The Empire had liver and gizzard, the Aarons, only had the neck, the non-remembered brand had gizzard, but no liver.

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      Like I said, I don't even want them but I thought it was very peculiar that they are not included.

      I wonder what they do with them?

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        Yes, IIRC, the Empire chicken and turkey packaging says the same - "giblets may be missing." I don't know what they do with them. I'm sure they don't get tossed, so probably they are processed into other products.

      2. This is common in Kosher turkeys. From Empire's website: "We cannot guarantee the giblets, therefore the package states "Some giblets may be missing". The kosher process requires separate processing to remove, clean and package the giblets. If the giblets are damaged or unclean they can not be sold or packaged.

        Markets that specialize in selling kosher meat will often have the kosher giblets for sale separately.