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Nov 24, 2010 07:07 PM

Can Farberware Rotisserie Handle a 12-Pound Turkey?

Hey, I'm going to a relative's tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I LOVE not having to cook this meal this year, but the downside is that I'm not going to have the cornucopia of leftovers that make T-Day special for me. So I sneaked home a smallish turkey for me, a 12-pounder, to cook on Black Friday.

So, I'm wondering.... Anyone ever cooked such a bird on the spit? And is my workhorse 1960s Farberware Open Hearth (Mod 450) able to turn a 12-pounder? It looks like it will mount up and clear just fine, my worry is that it may be too heavy for the motor.

Suggestions for techniques also very welcome.

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  1. Turns out, YES IT CAN!!!

    Actually, it would take an even larger bird, maybe 15-16 pounds. The spit height wasn't close to being maxed out. The only trick is getting the balance close, so the motor doesn't have to pull too hard "uphill".

    The issue with turkeys on an electric countertop rotisserie is putting enough heat energy into the interior of the bird to cook it completely before`the skin turns too dark. After reading the advice on, I was ready to rig up the Webber for some indirect heat. But it's nasty outside here in Seattle today. My solution? Well, my gas range's oven has a heat vent dead-center on the back of the top, and so I set the oven on 350F and crowded the bird up to the vent. All cooked in 4.5 hours.

    Added bonus, the neck went in the rotisserie's drip pan, and when the power was switched off, I shifted it into the oven. FANTASTIC fond for gravy.

    The more I cook with this thing, the more I like it. Maybe Santa will bring me a mondo set of spitjacks and an open cooking hearth for Christmas.