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Nov 24, 2010 05:35 PM

Sawa in Eatontonwn- Gotta be a contender for best sushi in the area

On the night before Thanksgiving, when the sushi bar was basically running on fumes, (as they will be closed tomorrow and they only serve fresh fish), I had one of the best true sushi meals I've had in the area. While I love Yumi and Kanji for their unique fushion food, Chef Kei is producing some incredible fresh true sushi along with his take on fusion. Picture my first dish- Freshly shucked oyster, with uni and truffle oil...a weird sounding combination to be sure....but outrageous!! How about pesto sauce on fresh one in this area doing that!! But the bottom line is this....he made me a sushi platter: chu-toro, salmon two ways, yellowtail, along with a demi cup of miso soup.....fantastic.

So, let me put it this MHO, when considering sushi in this area, Chef Kei at Sawa, is doing an excellent job. Worth a special visit...again, imho. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Thanks Sockster, we agree whole heartedly ...I especially like the ability to have brown rice on all of our sushi there

    HTD to you as well!

    1. I agree, I always find the fish to be very fresh there. I love the white tuna. I know a lot of people like Kanji, but I prefer Sawa.